Sexy Crab - How peak curiosity killed the crab.


Generating buzz during uncertainty

The F&B sector has plunged at the time of the pandemic, especially the dine-in segment. With demand shrinking, there hasn't been a more difficult time for restaurants in recent memory. On top of that, a restaurant specializing in crab roe is a brand new offering in Hong Kong, which further added uncertainty to the launch. Our challenge lay in getting people out of their sanitised bubbles and into a new physical location. Beyond simply generating buzz, we had to convert the online attention into real-world footfall.


The right amount of mystery

With a bold client, and an insight into how to generate peak curiosity, we began teasing on social media without revealing too much. The right amount of content, with the right amount of mystery, (our version of Sexy Crab's 'golden ratio') is how we got to over 2K IG followers in two weeks and rising. With profile visits reaching 4.8K per week and rising, the brand received more than 1,500 bookings in just two weeks, keeping the restaurants fully booked two months from the opening, demonstrating that a meaningful brand and a strategic approach to digital marketing can still cut through the noise. Even in 2020.


Cutting through noise with peak curiousity

We took a curiosity-driven approach to launch a new brand in a year when more business are closing their doors than opening. A bold take on a Shanghainese classic, we enabled Sexy Crab to launch in spectacular fashion during the pandemic F&B slump, through a creative branding approach and digital marketing strategy.

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