Bluebell - Supercharging a heritage brand's digital presence.


Modernizing Digital Presence Through Comprehensive Design

In order to elevate the user experience and maintain their position as Asia's leading omni brand curator, operator, and distributor, Bluebell Group approached us for a comprehensive website redesign. The primary goal was to reimagine the website's UI/UX design, ensuring that it seamlessly aligns with their brand identity while providing an intuitive and engaging digital experience for their diverse audience.


Rooting Process in Data and Research

Through meticulous analysis of user behavior, data analysis, and UI/UX design principles, we identified key areas for improvement and optimization. We created a visually captivating interface that not only showcases their curated brands but also enhances the overall browsing journey for users. The website's information architecture was carefully restructured to facilitate effortless navigation, allowing users to easily explore different brands, collections, and product categories. The redesign also focused on enhancing the website's responsiveness and mobile-friendliness, ensuring a seamless experience across various devices and screen sizes.


Elevating Brand's Presence in the Digital Space

The result is a redesigned website that showcases Bluebell Group's position as a market leader, immersing users in a visually captivating digital environment, and provides a streamlined browsing experience across all digital devices.

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