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Connecting Brands to Beyond.


We move the needle for brand titans through industry-defining brand experiences.

Global creative agency specializing in world-class brands.


Iconic brands aren’t born - but crafted through inspiration, influence, and impact.

At Branding Records, we’re an award-winning creative agency that’s spent the last decade moving the needle for brand titans such as The Coca-Cola Company, Swire Properties, Ralph Lauren, Emirates, Lululemon, and more.

How do we do it? It’s part art, part science, and part something else - that indefinable quality alternatively known as vision, insight, and innovation.

We got our start building brands in Hong Kong and Shanghai, and over the past ten years, we’ve developed a truly global network of creative leaders, visionaries, and specialists.

During that time, we’ve honed our approach to creating industry-defining brand experiences on four main pillars: strategy, design, marketing, and implementation.


Strategy & Consultancy

Creative strategies for fast-growing brands

Best-in-class branding starts with expert strategy. We set our clients up for success with a roadmap that combines data-driven insights and a winning creative vision that leads the way. The result? A unified solution that ignites imaginations and puts brands on the map.

Brand Strategy
Customer Experience Strategy
Go-to-market Strategy

Digital Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Market Research


Creative & Design

Award-winning, user-centric design

We harness the power of beautiful, purpose-driven aesthetics and visual languages to infuse your brand with emotion and authenticity. We power business growth from logos that become cultural touchstones to eye-catching packaging that leaps off retail shelves.

Experience Design
Brand Identity and Naming
UX/UI Design

Native Applications & Miniprogram
Retail Environments


Marketing & Planning

Data-driven marketing that resonates

We collect high-quality data on consumer behaviour, choices, and lifestyles that provides insights into the market. We craft a marketing approach that leverages your brand position and stay ahead of the competition going forward.

Campaign Development
Communications Planning
Media Planning
Content Strategy

Social and Influencer Marketing
Measurement and Reporting
Testing and Optimization


Production & Execution

Implementation that transforms brands into icons

Strategy is nothing without execution, so we work on “sticking the landing” with implementation that delivers real results. We bring the reach and impact of our global network to create a truly impactful brand experience that endures.

Content Production
Interactive Production
Video and Photo Production

Web Development
3D Graphics

Clients we work with

Retail & Fashion

Watches & Jewellery

Beauty & Wellness


Food & Beverage





Retail & Fashion

Watches & Jewellery

Beauty & Wellness


Food & Beverage





Our Mission

Helping Brands Connect

Through precision-crafted strategies and horizon-expanding experiences, we help brands break the status quo and connect to new audiences, from wherever they are in the world.

Our Vision

Shaping the Brands of the Future

From forward-thinking creative strategy to transformative digital and physical experiences, we find new and powerful ways for brands to engage with their audiences.


We are one team across three locations

We have three offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Milan. This allows us to provide on-the-ground engagements in more communities with a collective expertise and experience of our entire team.

Awards &

Transform Awards Asia

Best localisation of an international brand

Best brand evolution

Best creative development of a new brand

Marketing Interactive

Agency of the Year


We help our clients by understanding, conceptualising, synthesising and executing their brand purpose and objectives.

Our diverse backgrounds are united by our approach, our passion and our values to develop industry-defining brand experiences..

Jacopo Pesavento

Chief Executive Officer

Jacopo launched Branding Records in 2013 with a mission of connecting with brands from east to west to define powerful, purpose-driven marketing strategies that put them on the leading edge of their industries. As the firm’s vision-holder, he provides big-picture oversight and advises clients on how they can leverage creative branding to maximize their growth. He is currently focused on expanding Branding Record’s reach into Europe and the Middle East as the next step in creating a truly game-changing global branding agency. 

An expert in branding and a long-time veteran of the European and Asian markets, he has worked with many iconic, ground-breaking brands, including Salvatore Ferragamo, Ralph Lauren, Coca Cola Company, emerging fintech ventures, and more.

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Gabriele Zanoni

Chief Operating Officer

As co-founder and chief operating officer, Gabriele is responsible for the company’s global operations. From day-to-day operations to strategically managing, organizing, and coordinating company operations and employees from different departments and locations.

His future-proof formula hinges on striking just the right balance between cultivating a borderless, global imagination while remaining rooted in local culture and heritage, aiming to create agile solutions that can keep pace in today’s constantly evolving marketplace.In his decade of experience consulting with multinational brands and launching startups across Greater China and Southeast Asia, he has helped transform the consumer landscape. His vision and leadership have shaped how people across Asia and Europe experience some of the biggest-name brands in retail, health, lifestyle, insurance, automotive, and more.

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Giuliana Zagarella

General Manager, Milan

Giuliana joined Branding Records in 2022 as General Manager for Italy, bringing her entire team from a former digital agency that focused on the Chinese market. Her main focus is to help Italian companies access the Chinese markets. After graduating with a degree in economics, she started her career as a strategic consultant for Pricewaterhouse, working with major companies in the retail and industry sectors, such as L'Oreal, Pirelli, and Gillette. Later, she worked in marketing and business development roles for multinational corporations, banks, and startups, with a particular emphasis on digital and e-commerce.

Giuliana is passionate about Chinese culture and economics, and she works with enthusiasm to bridge the gap between Western products and Chinese customers. Her ultimate goal is to provide quality service that is tailored to their needs.

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Sandy Cheung

Account Director

As Branding Record’s Account Director, Sandy has the rare gift of being a jack of all trades and master of all. Drawing on a depth and breadth of experience developed over a decade-long career, she runs integrated marketing campaigns for several different industries and markets. 

Her ten years in marketing have not only sparked her natural affinity for the work into a full-blown passion, they have also taken her around the world. She has led various strategic, creative, digital, and social campaigns in China and Asia-Pacific markets, with notable clients including L’Oréal Paris, Kering Group, Richemont Group, INFINITI, Tom Ford, and Shiseido Group. In addition to being a specialist in the luxury and beauty industries, she also has extensive experience in commercial and residential properties and hospitality.

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Our Pro Bono Work

Branding Records is committed to supporting humanitarian goals that create a more equitable, just, and free world for us all. With bright ideas as our currency, we see it as our right, responsibility, and privilege to use our influence to help tackle society’s biggest challenges, from ending poverty to halting climate change to increasing global prosperity.

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