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Branding Records is committed to supporting humanitarian goals that create a more equitable, just, and free world for us all. With bright ideas as our currency, we see it as our right, responsibility, and privilege to use our influence to help tackle society’s biggest challenges, from ending poverty to halting climate change to increasing global prosperity.

Pro bono work is one of the major ways we can contribute to these efforts, lending our knowledge and expertise to nonprofits and charitable initiatives at no cost.

By providing our services free of charge, these organizations are able to direct more of their limited resources to their on-the-ground work, making a greater impact where it matters and extending their reach to people and communities in need.

We’ve built our pro bono work right into our business plan, donating a specific percentage of our annual working hours, to ensure that we maximize our contribution and avoid the inefficiencies of taking projects on a haphazard, one-off basis. This approach allows us to provide ongoing access to our people, time, and ideas in a way that serves our local and global communities and keeps us active and engaged as meaningful contributors.

Our approach to Pro Bono work

Our pro bono work is organized into six categories: health, education, community work, human rights, environmental protection, and the arts. These categories guide us in choosing the organizations we partner with, offering our employees the flexibility to pursue the projects that are most aligned with their values and priorities.

Every one of our departments takes part in our pro bono work, from our creative teams to our client service professionals, so our pro bono partners receive the same high-quality service and impactful outcomes as every other client we serve. The services we offer include brand positioning and identity, creative ideas and concepts, social media and digital marketing, content creation, e-commerce solutions, and retail activation.

Once our projects are selected, we put together a game plan for executing the vision and delivering maximum results for our partners.

Establishing a timeline

It all starts with an onboarding meeting where we go over the project goals, gather key information, and hear from our pro bono partners directly about their needs, wants, desires, and pain points. From there, our team creates a go-forward plan for dedicating our time and resources in the most efficient way possible, mapping out project milestones and deadlines.

Tailoring a strategy

We don’t use a one-size-fits-all strategy for any of our clients, and that extends to our pro bono work. That’s why it’s a priority to define the project goals from the outset and craft a purpose-driven strategy for achieving those goals, whether it’s an increase in donations, a boost in community engagement, or enhanced brand awareness.

Collecting feedback and fine-tuning our approach

Before moving forward on our strategy, we present it to our partners to get their feedback. These iterative sessions allow us to fine-tune our approach and develop a plan that is feasible, sustainable, and has measurable outcomes that define success. With the final plan in place, we can start moving forward and making an impact!

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