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Creating brand awareness and converting it into seeds and leads in a Chinese market

US-based Therabody is a health and wellness technology leader that has gone on to create a well-established presence across more than 60 countries around the world. The company’s first successful product— the percussive therapy device called Theragun — was rooted in its founder’s personal experience and over ten years of research and development.

But Therabody’s mission has since expanded.The brand aimed to empower consumers to live healthier lives through science-based wellness solutions like the hugely popular TheraFace Pro facial skin care tool. The percussive therapy device had been well-received by Therabody’s existing markets, but health and wellness shouldn’t be confined to certain geographies.

In line with Therabody’s philosophy on innovation and providing science-backed wellness technology to people around the world, the next step for TheraFace Pro was reaching the women of China. 

The challenge TheraFace brought to BrandingRecords was twofold:

  1. Create brand awareness in the Chinese market
  2. Generate sales seeding and leading from the brand awareness


Well-defined target platforms and well-defined marketing messaging

The Chinese market is awash with a wealth of beauty brands and affordable options that are a far cry from the well-researched and science-based solutions like the Theragun and TheraFacePro.

To carve out a market in what appeared to be a highly competitive Chinese ecosystem of beauty brands, TheraFace needed to raise brand awareness. From there, the brand could leverage its newfound recognition to generate seeds and leads that will drive organic penetration of the Chinese market.

Branding Records first addressed the challenge by leveraging 30 key opinion leaders (KOLs) across specific sector categories and online platforms where the brand’s audience resided.

The specific categories included:

●     Urban City Life

●     Outdoor Exploration

●     Unique Independent

●     Natural Beauty

The platforms targeted for distribution were: 

●     Little Red book (fashion and luxury shopping)

●     Kuaishou (video-sharing mobile app)

●     Douyin (TikTok)

●     Weibo (micro-blogging and social media)

●     Zhihu (question-and-answer website).

Content distributed on these platforms focused on relatable formats like vlogging and inspiring ideas such as “Nobody is perfect — cherishing what we have.” All campaigns revolved around unified marketing messaging: “Love Your Face” — of course, inserting positive TheraFacePro product features, benefits, and traits.

The key was to strengthen the association of how the product benefits health, wellness, and beauty through emotional connections. This approach was further backed with research and social listening to keep track of not only campaign performance but overall brand sentiment.


Millions of impressions, low costs, and tens of thousands of long-lived brand engagement

Branding Records’ efforts in increasingTheraFace Pro’s brand recognition in the Chinese market yielded 15 million impressions across campaigns in multiple digital channels. Over 140,000 brand interactions resulted in an average cost per impression (CPM) of RMB 54, and an average cost per engagement (CPE) of just RMB 6.

Campaigns specifically geared towards generating seeds and leads created a pipeline that generated 9.8 weeks of engagement and buzz, yielding a total of 23 million impressions.

TheraFace Pro had all the makings of a successful health and wellness brand — it just needed to be seen. With BrandingRecords, it was able to reach millions of new Chinese audiences and create hundreds of thousands of new brand interactions at impressively low costs.

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