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Aligning the perception gap between the brand and the consumers

When you hear about Buy&Ship, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it just another global e-commerce shipping platform that helps you ship your purchases from overseas? You are right, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Buy&Ship goes beyond being a mere shipping platform and connects you to the ultimate deal of all desires, right at your fingertips. Our task is to bridge this gap in communication, ensuring every consumer can fully tap into the vast world of shopping possibilities that Buy&Ship uniquely offers.


Tech niche as the focal point of the refreshed branding

Buy&Ship’s ongoing endeavours to breakthrough the technological limitations in regards to online shopping makes them stand out among the fierce competition. Powered by AI, their purchase engine offers global price comparison and a unified shopping cart feature, granting you one-click access to the world's treasures at unbeatable prices. The platform also incorporates a community algorithm that encourages genuine user-generated content, supported by a scoring system. This creates a trusted environment where consumers actively share their rare finds from around the world. Not to mention the logistics part which plays a huge role in this industry, Buy&Ship is backed by solid hardware automation, digitalised fulfilment network and legacy access to resources.

We will have to make sure their technical USPs are well-communicated with the audience. To solve the challenge at hand, we have devised an exciting and tailored strategy that leverages Buy&Ship's unique selling points as the core and establishes the brand as the go-to destination for shoppers in Asia.

To complement these strategic pivots, we also took initiatives to revamp the visual presentation of the brand. A modernised logo design with an emphasis on the ampersand symbolises the platform's balanced duality. The toggle button, a new creative element, has been introduced to showcase the easy, streamlined, and intuitive nature of Buy&Ship. Instead of relying solely on illustrations, clean and vibrant lifestyle photography adds a touch of flair to the brand representation. Fonts and icons are optimised for the digital-first nature of e-commerce, while the colour palette is enhanced for brighter contrast and smoother user experience, refining the existing orange shade.


Rallying global support in realising the future of shopping

With 11 overseas warehouses and a registered user base surpassing 2 million, Buy&Ship has become a force to be reckoned with in the e-commerce landscape. Having facilitated over 12 million transactions to date, Buy&Ship is now poised for an exciting expansion into Southeast Asia, armed with its refreshed branding.

As a pioneer in the industry, Buy&Ship has garnered significant attention and support from international investors who recognise its mission of revolutionising the shopping experience. This recognition has propelled rounds of funding, fuelling Buy&Ship's vision to inspire a new way of shopping.

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