Shake Shack - Piquing interest from all walks of life.


Accumulating the interest from all walks of life.

To commemorate the Shack’s opening in Metroplaza, Kwai Fong - a pet friendly mall, Shake Shack wanted to expand the interest of their new store opening to burger-lovers, neighbours and pet owners.


Staying true to the brand with pet-friendly elements.

We helped the brand to build anticipation to the new Shack opening first by creating a hoarding design that marries pets, the neighbourhood of Kwai Fong and burgers. We then extended the theme of pet-friendliness to offline activations such as a pet fashion show.

Playing on the liveliness and the bustling nature of Hong Kong, the design takes inspiration from both the greenery offered by Metroplaza and the charming neighbourhood of Kwai Fong. The illustration imagines Hong Kong city life embedded with lush sceneries of buildings packed with vibrant interactions between cute characters and their dogs.


Piquing curiosity and interest.

Utilizing an interactive hoarding wall that captures the attention of onlookers and four-legged friends, the Kwai Fong Shake Shack branch successfully opened its doors to locals and pets in the area.

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