FERRAGAMO - Tiger in Wonderland.


Combining new technologies and traditional elements

We helped Salvatore Ferragamo introduce a new experience to expand their reach and connect to new audiences. To celebrate Lunar New Year, Ferragamo invited Chinese artists Sun Yuan and Peng Yu to create a unique print inspired by the 2022 Zodiac Tiger. 

The challenge we faced with this particular campaign was to combine new technologies such as virtual reality experiences by maintaining the traditional cultural elements of Chinese New Year and yet combine them with the heritage of Salvatore Ferragamo


A charming and enchanted scene of renewal

In order to bring the artwork to life which Sun Yuan and Peng Yu created, Branding Records helped Salvatore Ferragamo put together a unique and visually stunning experience to celebrate Lunar New Year 2022. Tiger In Wonderland features a special capsule collection along with a digital campaign that uses cinematography to portray a charming and enchanted spring scene. 

Inspired by traditional Chinese paintings, the print features the tiger which symbolizes passion, daring, auspiciousness and safety in Chinese culture. The tiger plays with other wild creatures, a crane, eagle, deer and monkey in the classic Chinese garden covered in rocks, plants and flowers, presenting a jolly, vibrant scene of renewal.


Expanding the audience

We launched a digital campaign using surreal cinematography to present a magical and charming scene of spring to celebrate the Year of the Tiger with a special capsule collection

By introducing a new daring aspect to the retail brand, our team enabled the campaign to celebrate Lunar New Year and helped it to expand the client’s existing user base and introduce it to a new market. 

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