FERRAGAMO - Beauty and charm of Chinese traditions.


Modern approaches culture and tradition

Italian luxury goods company Ferragamo, wanted to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as Moon Festival in order to expand its reach and influence across Asia. Originating during the early Shang Dynasty, this time of year was when people would gather together to thank the moon god for a fruitful harvest. Today to celebrate this festival, mooncakes are gifted to loved ones, relatives and colleagues in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Korea etc. 

The traditional mooncake is typically filled with a white paste made from lotus and salted egg yolks. And while this treat is delicious, there are also modern approaches to the festival where mooncake designs are used on products too. So, Branding Records were tasked with the challenge of creating a unique take on this celebration in order to help Italian luxury brand Ferragamo gain visibility during this time of year.


An exclusive mooncake collection

Our team put our creative ideas together and Salvatore Ferragamo released an exclusive mooncake collection, with each item inspired by the dynamism of its Autumn/Winter 2021 collection. Taking the brand’s cylinder box packaging, we re-purposed it into the shape of a Chinese lantern, with compartments inside to hold pastries with the Gancini logo as decoration. Salvatore Ferragamo also introduced a pop-up store in Sanya, Hainan during Mid-Autumn Festival to celebrate this special time and invite customers inside to explore the new products. The pop-up store took central stage and celebrated the brand territory by reimagining the way to appreciate culture and tradition.


Leading viewers through a curated journey

Branding Records helped Salvatore Ferragamo to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival in a way that not only brought good fortune but also reflected the beauty and charm of Chinese traditions. Inspired by iconic elements such as Maison’s silk heritage, the store transformed itself into a giant Gancini-shaped lantern which led visitors through a curated and branded journey.

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