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Bringing an already successful brand to the next stage of their business

Protector has gained widespread recognition in recent years as a household name, primarily due to their highly sought-after masks available in fashionable colours. These masks have injected an element of delight into an otherwise mundane product category.

As the threat of Covid diminishes, Protector has astutely identified the public's enduring desire to prioritise their health and well-being. Consequently, the company has decided to introduce four distinct SKUs of probiotics tailored to meet different bodily needs.

While the brand's loyal followers hold deep affection and trust for Protector's masks and sanitisers, the question arises: can the brand replicate its success in an adjacent yet entirely new product category, especially amidst fierce competition from numerous rivals in the market?


Engage with Gen Z as target audience with curated brand image and content

Protector's masks garnered widespread attention and became a viral sensation due to their vibrant colour options, transforming a necessity into a fashionable accessory. The brand has already established a strong aesthetic and image, which we aim to carry over into the realm of probiotics products and communications.

In line with effective branding practices, we began by formulating a brand strategy that caters to Protector's key audience: Gen Z. Breaking into this demographic, known for their substantial purchasing power and discerning tastes, is no small feat. Consequently, we enhanced the brand's visual identity, established a distinct tone of voice, and, most importantly, created four highly memorable product names for each SKU.

Recognising that Gen Z lives and breathes social media, our communication strategy for Protector centres on generating meaningful buzz and fostering engagement. Simultaneously, we aim to educate our audience about the products and impart complex health knowledge. Our goal is to position Protector as the true guardian of Hong Kong people's health, spanning from masks and sanitisers to probiotics and beyond, with even more offerings planned for the future.

We have collaborated with top influencers to spread the word, utilised advertisements in key locations such as the MTR, and even produced television commercials. Our aim is to ensure that whenever probiotics come to mind, Protector is the first brand that springs to people's thoughts.


Extending their reach to far beyond

With a dedicated following of over 10k on Instagram and 40k on Facebook, we have successfully cultivated a loyal audience that eagerly consumes our captivating content. Moreover, it is virtually impossible to browse through social media without encountering influencers singing the praises of Protector. Stepping into any drugstore, among a sea of probiotic products, Protector stands out as the first choice that catches your eye. Even during your daily commute or while relaxing at home in front of the TV, the Protector advertisement is a constant presence, airing 24/7.

Protector has undeniably become the city's ultimate guardian, safeguarding our well-being, promoting balance, and instilling a sense of vitality. And this is just the beginning for the brand.

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