blüüm - A refreshing approach to a traditional industry.


Turning conventional insurance branding upside-down.

Insurance companies often position themselves conservatively, for obvious reasons. They lead with 'providing protection against uncertainty' and, if they're up to date, often offer a sleek digital experience. By engaging in our co-creation process with the team at blüüm, we helped to extract more meaningful insights about the role of the brand, aligning the team to combine their understandings into a more unified direction. To match their new brand positioning, we developed the "human-tech" concept—advocating for user empowerment and easy product customisation.


Combining the complementary forces of “logic and creativity”.

To communicate our human-tech dichotomy, we took an approach blending a professional and logical tone, with a lively and creative style. Our insights from the brand philosophy were executed consistently throughout the brand tone-of-voice and visual identity. To provide a human element to a primarily digital experience, and further develop our theme of duality, we developed the ÜÜ mascot—sharpening blüüm’s communications in a human, friendly and approachable way.


Rising above the fray in the insurance category.

By taking such a bold position, Blüüm clearly differentiates itself from both incumbent and upstart competitors, enabling the public to reimagine the insurance industry, where insurance is far more than protection, but a tool that empowers everyone to live their life to fullest.

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