Hung Hing Printing - Bridging the past to the future by revitalizing a leading brand for modern times.


Revitalize the Brand and Modernize Its Online Presence

Hung Hing Printing Group is one of the leading figures in Hong Kong in books and packaging printing, corrugated box manufacturing, and paper trading. Hung Hing has been leading design innovation in these fields since 1950 and has grown into an industry staple. In today’s modern age of the internet, however, Hung Hing faced the challenge of needing to revitalize and modernize its brand, marrying its more traditional values with contemporary norms to reflect its position and importance in the industry.

Hung Hing approached Branding Records withtwo overarching challenges.

The first was cohesively putting together their existing brand values with operational excellence while preparing them for portfolio diversification and new markets — a singular reflection of the brand’s past, present, and future.

The second builds upon the first: revampingHung Hing’s digital assets, such as its website to drive traffic and generate brand awareness for the modern Hung Hing.


A Comprehensive Analysis and Strategic Implementation

Branding Records went through a comprehensive brand and values analysis process, starting by asking the right questions surrounding important concepts from the more abstract to the concrete:

●     Brand equity - Designing the brand itself to be the most valuable asset

●     Corporate culture - Empowering employees as key stakeholders

●     Social responsibility -Addressing important current issues

●     Digital marketing - Generating new business opportunities

We painstakingly analyzed Hung Hing’s values — heritage, experience, diversity, and responsibility — and strove to gain a deeper understanding of their family of brands related to each other. We performed a visual analysis of key brand visuals such as the all-important, all-visible logo. And finally, after setting the foundations, we started to work on digital touch points:

●     Website - There was much work to be done in terms of UI and UX that effectively represented the brand, and importantly, the brand’s new approach to identity. The site needed restructuring and redesign to address outdated styles and approaches.

●     Online presence - Search optimization was also touched upon to ensure the new site was as inspiring to find on search engines as it is to see in person.

●     Social media - Platforms likeInstagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn had clear, specific parts to play in the digital strategy.

Executing a grand brand revitalization would entail brand strategy and development, website development, and digital strategy. We looked at the current market’s leading B2B companies to emulate and improve upon their winning formulas. We fully utilized the new website to communicate the brand story while also functioning as a tool for leads to start their journey into the sales funnel. We also completely integrated various digital touchpoints in a way that they worked together to deliver awareness and develop leads.

After an in-depth deep dive into how leading B2B digital strategies can inform Hung Hing’s, we focused on an overall strategy structure using:

●     Website - The work entailed included optimizing the site, implementing lead forms, developing bubble chat for live interactions, and pursuing blog content.

●     Content strategy - The strategy encompassed social voice, brand story and content, user-generated content, and community interactions.

●     Social media - Separate strategies between platforms needed to be optimized, and details like captions and hashtags needed to be cohesive with the whole.

●     Digital ads - Various social platforms — plus Google search and display ads — would require equally varied ad strategies, budget allocation, testing, and campaign structures.


A Co-Created Approach to Evolving a Brand for Modern Times

Branding Records learned from the takeaways of other leaders in their own fields to formulate a strategy to brand identity unique to Hung Hing. Working hand in hand with them, we developed a co-creation process:

  1. Project kick-off leading to divergent thinking
  2. Workshopping for idea discovery and capture
  3. Defining strategy by prioritizing ideas and using convergent thinking
  4. Coming up with a creative direction, upon which both parties again iterated a divergent thinking process
  5. Both parties developed solutions, which were then refined through convergent thinking
  6. Finally, we finished with a brand rollout that contained everything valuable throughout the co-creation process

The result is a Hung Hing brand revitalization and modernization that rejuvenated the brand and made it undergo an evolution— indeed, a revolution — that makes it contemporary and future-ready at the same time.

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