Lululemon - From 10 traditions to 10 ways of practice.


Expressing the brand through local elements

Being a Canada-based company, our key challenge was to localise its global campaign to the Hong Kong market. We had to create a dedicated and engaging campaign that pays tribute to one of the most important holidays in the Chinese market while maintaining its brand essence.


Merging tradition with athleisure lifestyle

Carefully curating 10 visuals with different values and reasoning behind them, the concept was to inspire lululemon's customers to discover their own ways to live in practice and bring in the new year with joy and health. We adapted them to various applications, bot online and offline to generate O2O engagement. Following the tradition of gifting red packets during the New Year, the designs were also made into red envelopes which were available at their Asia stores.


Engagement beyond the yoga studio

The audience celebrated their "Year of Practice" through silent yoga activities in a public space, sharing their passion for the brand with a new audience.

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