Gryfyn - Into the (UN)Known.


Capture an Exceptional Market Opportunity — The Intersection Between Several Cutting-edge Technologies and Trends — Through a Singular Brand

Gryfyn, a digital wallet for cryptocurrency and NFTs needed to develop a unique solution that was able to capture everything they offer. With ambitions to become a key player in this space, Gryfyn needed a visual identity with a strong impact to pique the curiosity of their audience as well as be open-ended for them to scale in the future beyond solely NFT and cryptocurrency. With the crypto wallet space so saturated, many brands abide by the same visual conventions - bright colours, abstract shapes - so that their product remains identifiable, even at the cost of their brand's personality and ease of understandability. This is where Gryfyn needed to stand apart. The brief was to create branding for Gryfyn that was unique in the market and was able to convey the message that resonated with people from an intrinsic need to explore, making it compelling for anyone and everyone to start setting foot in this new reign.


A refreshing brand foundation based on innate human curiousity

We humans have a deeply inquisitive nature and curiousity as shown by documentation of cave paintings that show how humans ventured into the outside world and communicated their explorations through drawings. Taking inspiration from early forms of language such as cave paintings, glyphs and symbols that show our effort to understand the inexplicable and explore the unknown, a new visual language has been created to lead us into the new digital world we are now entering that allows Gryfyn’s positioning and visuals to be differentiated from the market and capture the attention of both the people within and outside of this space

Branding Records took charge of brand strategy, end-to-end, from:

●     Brand positioning

●     Brand unique selling point

●     Development of brand manifesto, vision, and mission

●     Synthesis of brand values

●     Calibration of brand tone of voice

To all of the accompanying brand development:

●     Brand guidelines and visual identity stemming from its values

●     Brand visual application and templates for practical applications

●     Development of videos, animation, and other digital assets

●     User interface, user experience, and website design and development


Fruitful Joint Ventures and Title Sponsorships for the Internationally Renowned San Marino Grand Prix

The brand launched through a partnership with Dorna sports, the biggest MotoGP digital streaming platform in the world, to be the title sponsor of the internationally renowned Gran Premio Gryfyn di San Marino e della Riviera di Rimini.

With the event reaching over half a billion homes across 200 different countries and regions including Hong Kong, Gryfyn succeeded in piquing the people’s interest and carving a significant impression in people’s mind about not only Web 3.0 but Gryfyn the brand.

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