Alfred24 - A new vision for an innovative brand.


Finding a new green for a sustainable tech brand.

A delivery-technology company with a difference, alfred 24 offers a cutting-edge concept for couriers to streamline a more sustainable future for the industry at large. 

We were approached by this ambitious business to help establish a standout brand strategy with a firm focus on sustainability. We needed to craft a complete visual identity that spoke to the consumer's need for lowered carbon, without losing sight of the brand’s state-of-the-art solution. Advanced intelligence and innovation have allowed alfred 24 to revolutionize the world of q-commerce with smart lockers and an efficient delivery eco-system. Our goal was to express the brand’s bold green vision, without allowing the core message to become lost in a sea of sustainable initiatives. 


A tech vibe with an organic look and feel.

We started with the visuals for this innovative brand, looking for ways to combine its tech-forward approach with Earth-friendly values. We settled on a vibrant green somewhere between organic and electric, with a subtle leaf design to draw the eye upwards. Highlighting the 24 in this way helps the name and logo appear more memorable. Further visual branding was developed to drive home the digital-first approach, with a cobalt blue accent to continue the narrative that combines natural nuance with digital dynamism. 

From here, we began working on an extensive brand book and website redesign, leading the development and marketing strategy from the ground up. The company’s mission was carefully crafted to emphasize a focus on eco-friendly efficiency at the core, along with innovation and optimization. Using explosive long-exposure imagery and bold use of negative space, the brand book clearly defined alfred 24’s why, how, and personality, with guiding principles for every design and development. 

Hashtags were used in the brand’s core values to express a younger, more innovative personality, while the evocative pin drop symbol commonly seen on online maps immediately brings digital delivery tracking to mind. Meanwhile, the logo’s bowtie is a fun nod to the company’s can-do attitude and dedication to serving clients. Finally, a bold cursive font was used to emulate the rolling wheels of a delivery vehicle, always moving forward. 


A bold new brand with green credentials.

As a progressive pioneer in the industry, alfred 24 needed the brand identity to match. These distinctive visuals allow the company to stand out from competitors with a clear nod to those cutting-edge credentials. 

By opting for electric green, we have allowed alfred 24 to express its commitment to sustainability while avoiding overdone eco-friendly cliches. The unique visuals are modern and experimental, just like the brand itself. Meanwhile, the brand strategy demands your attention at every turn, ensuring the most important messages can never be ignored. The overall result offers a clean new concept and vision for this visionary brand. 

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