NIVOSE - Five Senses Campaign.


Introducing a lifestyle experience - Mountain Chic

Originating in the Alps and embedded in the French lifestyle, Mountain Chic was a concept that went beyond literal explanations. The challenge was to invite the audience in China to experience a lifestyle that was new to them, to establish Mountain Chic as the essence of the NIVOSE brand.


Creating an authentic elegance for the true skiers

To concretise and tell the story of Mountain Chic, we translated it into a sensory experience comprised of visuals and activities that involved the 5 senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. We launched a comprehensive campaign to establish NIVOSE’s presence both online and offline. At the launch event, Multiple-Sense Corners invited visitors to experience Mountain Chic through sensory activities. Smell, for instance, was expressed with olfactory-simulating elements to make guests feel like they were in the Alps. The campaign helped raise brand awareness for NIVOSE and introduced the Mountain Chic concept to a new audience.


Establishing awareness to a new audience

Now entering a new age, NIVOSE is bringing Mountain Chic to the world. With the Five Senses Campaign, NIVOSE introduced the new concept to the Chinese market by turning it into a sensory experience.

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