Roberto Cavalli - The age of new species.


Encapsulating the boldness of a new artistic direction

Consumers nowadays are looking for meaningful and enriching retail experiences more than ever. With that in mind, the key challenge with this project was to create a concept that encapsulates the spirit and boldness of Paul Surridge’s new artistic direction, as well as keeping the brand image consistent and meeting the local consumers’ demand for unique products.


Creating harmony between the products and environment

Materialising their colourful new collection into atypical sculptures, the interior elements including vinyl wall stickers, panels and statues, were designed to create harmony within the prints of products displayed to emanate a strikingly bold and buoyant atmosphere. Along with the vibrant store space that was photo-worthy, we have curated a range of engagement activities, both in-store and online, to promote their new launch and reintroduce Roberto Cavalli to local consumers.


Designing a holistic campaign

Curating an immersive experience for the well-known fashion label, we designed a holistic campaign and concept for Roberto Cavalli’s pop-up store in Harbour City. Inspired by the new creative director Paul Surridge’s latest collection, animal prints are fused with vibrant colours to create a playful and eye-catching retail space.

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