Glutanex - Bringing International Brands to the Stage of Hong Kong.


Preparing for a star-studded event

Understanding the nature of smart consumers in Hong Kong, Glutanex came to us to find ways to assimilate its brand in the highly competitive local market. Highlighting their unique pharmaceutical background, Glutanex wanted to bring their scientific research to the forefront while not compromising their unique branding.


From Key Visual to a Mass Event

Starting from the go-to market strategy, we created a solid foundation for the brand by re-writing the brand story in a way that would appeal to locals and international audience. From here, we expanded the creative platform with a KV and a physical event at PMQ and Rosewood which would eventually lead to over 1,000+ attendees.


Over 1000 Attendees and 1 Million impressions on socials

The result was a star-studded two day event which was made even more radiant by the appearance of Glutanex brand ambassador and Korean celebrity Song Ji Hyo. Leveraging the engagement on socials, we created content that would sustain the hype - creating over 1 Million impressions in a 1 month!

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