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A necessary brand lift

Q-Pets, the premier pet retailer chain in Hong Kong since 1996, is renowned for delivering unparalleled shopping experiences and holistic care. Despite significant growth, inconsistencies and outdated brand presence have emerged. Entrusting us with a brand uplift, Q-Pets aims to establish a vibrant identity that resonates with their audience. Our crucial task is to communicate that Q-Pets is more than a nearby pet convenience store; it's a heartwarming place overflowing with endless love and joy for every pet, mirroring the devotion of pet parents. Cohesion and engagement are at the forefront as we redefine Q-Pets' essence.


Complete brand overhaul

To establish a strong foundation and effectively position the Q-Pets brand in the market, our branding case study focuses on the following key components:

  • Research Strategy and Insights: Conduct comprehensive market research and analysis to gain valuable insights into the target audience, competition, and industry trends. This will inform the development of a clear mission, vision, and values aligned with the core of Q-Pets, narrowing the perception gap between target audience and the brand.
  • Visual Identity System: Design a comprehensive visual identity system, including the logo, colour palettes, typography, and application guidelines. While refreshing the existing logo, we will make minor adjustments to colours and lines to maintain its overall look and feel, creating a modern and cohesive brand image.
  • Store Applications: Create a visually appealing and consistent system for store applications. This involves designing signage, packaging, promotional materials, and other visual elements that align with the brand identity, ensuring a cohesive experience across all touch-points.
  • Sub-Icon Refresh: Enhance and update the sub-icon system for all categories, adopting a minimal and sleek aesthetic that aligns seamlessly with the Q-Pets brand. This ensures consistency and cohesiveness across all visual elements, reflecting the brand's commitment to a contemporary and refined look-and-feel.
  • Mascot Creation: Elevate the brand's personality and engagement by creating mascots, preferably animal icons, that embody the essence of Q-Pets. These mascots will add a personal touch to the brand and resonate with the target audience by serving as a relatable and viral brand element.

By implementing these strategic elements, our goal is to revitalise the Q-Pets brand, positioning it as a leading and relatable entity in the pet retail industry.


Resonating core values

The brand transformation began with a website revamp, offering an immersive online experience that accurately portrays the brand's essence and modern visual standards. In addition to the digital realm, the opening of a series of new stores marked a pivotal moment in Q-Pets' rebranding journey. The flagship store embodies the brand's revitalised identity, featuring a welcoming ambiance, innovative store design, and a harmonious display of products.

The brand revamp has not only attracted loyal customers but also enticed new ones, who resonate with Q-Pets' unique brand message and find solace in the heartwarming environment. By embracing a cohesive brand image and infusing it with a touch of warmth, Q-Pets has solidified its position as a beloved pet retailer in Hong Kong, setting new standards in the industry.

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