Raloha - A way to a sensory journey.


Visualizing a fondness for memory

Raloha approached us with a name and a fondness for memory—especially the idea that specific scents could unlock memories otherwise long forgotten. With 12 powerfully protective sunscreens, each one enriched with its own evocative scent, Raloha had a great product… they just needed a brand identity to match. Beyond simply generating interest, we needed to create a strong identity that reached across every echelon of the business—from their core values, right the way through to marketing assets and business strategy. This was about telling the story of the brand from the ground up. 


Scents that connect to meaningful places and stories

For each of Raloha’s 12 scents, we crafted a meaningful story by connecting scents to places, and places to experiences. 

From the warm, woodsy scent of hygge to the fresh, citrus aroma of kia ora, each scent is evocative of a specific place and experience, and we needed that to shine through. We created clear values that align with Raloha’s brand message, and a unified visual identity that helps them stand out in a crowded marketplace. To generate buzz and build anticipation, we implemented a targeted marketing plan that included {online ads, social media outreach, and PR efforts}. 


A sophisticated sunscreen that engages the senses

By making sunscreen synonymous with scents, Raloha had clear market differentiation: this isn’t just sun protection—this is a sophisticated sunscreen that engages the senses and creates memories. 

After defining core values, we crafted the visuals, which needed to be immediately recognizable and exude luxury. The color palette is inspired by the colors of the sea and the sand, with vibrant blues and greens offset by calming neutrals. We also created a series of imagery that captures the essence of the brand: whether it’s a close-up of a lush tropical flower or an aerial shot of a pristine beach, each image tells its own story and evokes the feelings of relaxation and escape that are at the heart of Raloha. Finally, we defined a business strategy and marketing plan that got the message out into the world. The result is rich and consistent storytelling and imagery for each scent, across all media—and a sophisticated brand appropriate to a new luxury product.

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