Phemex - Brand revamp for a fast growing industry.


Creating definition in a saturated market

Phemex, one of the world's leading crypto trading platforms, was approaching its 2nd anniversary and looking to rebrand in an exciting and innovative way. After two years of success, they needed a groundbreaking campaign to reimagine the experience for existing customers while raising brand awareness and engagement for new users.


Taking dreams digital

After analysing Phemex's brand strategy and ongoing competitor trends, we created a campaign oriented around Web 3.0 experiences and the possibilities of de-fi currencies. If cryptocurrencies are the future of money, what does this mean for experiences and the possibilities of Web 3.0?

The brand revamp campaign, Dream with Phemex 2022, began with an intriguing brand video to challenge the audience's perceptions of cryptocurrency trading. A digital engagement type of landing page was introduced with an in-depth digital strategy for people to submit their dreams of what they would do if they were financially free to choose their reality. As the most efficient and transparent global crypto exchange, Phemex empowers users to break free from the restrictions of traditional banking, and into the crypto world with endless possibilities and freedom.

Following the success of the last campaign, we created another interactive and immersive animated website to assist new users in navigating the complex world of cryptocurrencies. Representing cryptocurrencies as planets, we added an element of gamification with out-of-the-box art direction and engaging storytelling for the users to jump aboard the NFT trend with the story of becoming a Phemex citizen.


Break through, break free in Web 3.0

Partnering with viral creators such as 9GAG to expand the reach of the content and brand awareness, we gained a 67% increase in unique page views compared with previous campaign landing pages, generated thousands of submissions into our giveaway, and boosted the conversion rate for account sign up by 10 times compared to the industry benchmark.

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