Ralph Lauren - Celebrating complementary love.


Curating a unique story in the time of festive celebration

This year, we helped the iconic American fashion house Ralph Lauren develop a millennial-facing campaign for their classic Polo collection during the time of 520 Day in China.

520 Day, otherwise known as Cyber Valentine’s Day, is one of the two festivals for lovers celebrated in China with pure local roots and cultural relevance. Originated online as an acronym for “I love you” in Chinese, the digital nature of the phrase “520” has a particular appeal for the young. The challenge we faced was in fact an opportunity, of how to blend both the festive elements with the heritage of Ralph Lauren through a unique storytelling that captures the attention of the younger generations.


The beauty and harmony of the complementary pair

Our team has extracted the essence of the Polo collection — the wide colour spectrum — as the foundation of our creative concept, Complementary Love. At the heart of the colour theory, complementary colours are the contrasting hues on the colour wheel. Two colours that appear opposite each other are visually bold yet surprisingly pleasing together. Just like when the yin and yang interact, miracles arise from balanced harmony.

From contradictory to complementary, it is a matter of perspective. Through a curated storyline and cinematography, we invite the audience to explore the beauty of complementary love through the lens of complementary colours from the Ralph Lauren Polo collection.


A refreshed perception towards the timeless classic

We seized the fleeting chance in communicating the brand heritage of Ralph Lauren beyond their existing customer base in China. Revolved around the classic Polo collection, the 520 Day campaign has refreshed the perception of the younger generations in the local market towards this timeless style. Celebrating different representations of love, the campaign unlocks every independent yet intimate moment to authentically connect the audience with their loved half. Opposite attracts, and complements create strong and timeless relationship — the soft loving yet contrasting palette is what keeps love ablaze.

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