Moschino - Hop into the magic.


When iconic brands collide

For the Year of the Rabbit, Branding Records helped bring to life a collaboration between two iconic brands, an Italian fashion brand Moschino and an iconic American animated staple Looney Tunes.

To bring this campaign to life, it was crucial for us to create a vision that perfectly balances the synergy of both brands and transport the audience into it.


Hop into the magic

In order to bring this brand collaboration to life, Branding Records created a larger than life tunnel inspired by the opening title of Looney Tunes through which we immerse the audience to dive into the Moschino world and discover the magic happening during this special time of the year.

Along with the release of this capsule collection campaign through different digital channels, we also created a limited edition digital red packet design for customers on WeChat to send good fortune and money to their families and loved ones.


Overwhelming success

Leading up to the Year of the Rabbit celebrations, our Moschino x Looney Tunes campaign video was released on Moschino China and other global brand channels. With the amplification of a mix of digital marketing tools, our video has reached 36 million views in China alone.

During the Lunar New Year, we launched the limited edition digital red packet. The red packets were used over 233K times for our customers to collect and share, with the first batch of 12K red packets being collected in less than 10 minutes.

Throughout the whole campaign period, it has helped Moschino gain more than 37K WeChat followers in less than a month.

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