Rossignol - Ski culture in all its glory.


Discovering the brand's culture and history of skiing

Ski company Rossignol brought Autumn Winter 2021 to life with a pop-up store where guests could experience French ski culture in all its glory. Rossignol forged a partnership with Branding Records and the Artist Radio Woon to design and develop a monochrome ski hut to help guests learn about the brand’s culture and the history of skiing. Let’s take a closer look at how our team brought this campaign to life. 

We helped Rossignol celebrate the countdown to the Winter Olympics and the start of the snow season by introducing their target market to French ski culture and allow Rossignol’s customers to take a step back in time to discover the history of skiing and how this winter sport has become not only incredibly popular but also competitive. The brand aims to become the world’s top outdoor ski equipment brand and has sponsored over 80 Olympic athletes and used its professional R&D team to take skiing records to the next level. Rossignol challenges its customers to push themselves to achieve and experience more! So, how can the brand portray these values in a creative and exciting way in the lead-up to the Winter Olympics?


Experiencing the brand's birth and story

Branding Records and Radio Woon were able to collaborate with Rossignol designing a quintessentially French ski cottage experience. This unique partnership meant that guests could wander through a monochrome ski hut and experience the brand culture up close. To demonstrate the achievements of athletes so far, the ski hut displayed black and white photographs of former championship moments, along with the brand’s birth and its own story so far. From skateboarding technology and innovation to important historical brand activities, our team at Branding Records helped to give the ski company increased visibility and creatively reinforced the brand’s values and future ambitions.


Evoking an immersive experience

Through the design of the pop-up store, Branding Records gave Rossignol a beautiful platform to promote itself. The wooden house gave the store a romantic touch and evoked the concept of reconnecting with nature and living in the moment. This immersive experience has solidified Rossignol as the ultimate ski company for professional and beautifully designed ski equipment. 

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