Innocent - Juicy impressions for the long haul.


Bringing Tasty Little Drinks to Two Major Cities

With an ever-increasing health-conscious consumer base, interest and demand for fresh juices have risen dramatically in the APAC region in recent years. From local fruit stands to supermarkets, brands have continued introducing innovative designs, packaging, and product development to tackle an oversaturated market.

To stand out from the crowd, innocent had to leverage its quirky brand messaging in a hyper-localized manner. Our team was tasked with tailoring their distinctive tone of voice and adapting their already effective social media formula, specifically for Hong Kong and Singapore-based audiences - two major cities with prominent personalities to match.


Singlish, Mooncake Smoothies and Other Witty Stuff

We rolled out the ‘Fresh in the City’ campaign through the lens of innocent being fresh on arrival, bright-eyed, and ready to explore. By immersing innocent in local customs and culture, the content we developed with this underlying theme helped strengthen brand awareness while simultaneously paying homage to these cities.

Taking the copy-driven brand, we stayed up to date with local trends and topics to curate a series of holistic brand communications infused with their witty tone of voice and pop-culture references that have helped them win over so many customers’ hearts. In doing so, we appealed to those already familiar with the brand and extended a warm welcome to new innocent drinkers.


Juicy Impressions For The Long Haul

As innocent has always built its brand on the fundamentals of personal communication, the most crucial aspect of this campaign was for us to understand what would resonate with these new customer bases, as innocent has always maintained a human-centric tone of voice. Therefore, we needed to understand this element of the brand’s essence, as this would lay the foundation for the brand’s story in Asia.

The result was a full-blown online, offline and experiential brand launch that effectively utilized culturally specific humor to drive social interaction and brand engagement to build a community with these new customer bases. 

Here are the fruits of our labor:

  • The show stopper: OOH advertising in key MRT stations in Singapore generated significant exposure.
  • Implementing creative point of sales marketing strategies to captivate shoppers through retail psychology
  • Holistic advertising plan to drive traffic to both online & offline stores
  • Creative brand activations: 1. “We are here to get the fruits rolling” Brand ambassadors on roller skates distributing free smoothies in key locations around the city for people to taste and a giveaway contest on social media to promote user-generated content 2. Organic partnership with offices and co-working spaces for free juice distribution to broaden the reach

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