Fonus - World of limitless opportunities.


A trusted brand which offers limitless opportunities

Fonus approached us with just one key selling point of unlimited calls, texts & data across multiple countries for just one flat fee.

Beyond simply communicating the selling point, we needed to create a strong brand identity which establishes trust at every digital touchpoint of the business to not only attract new customers, but retain the old ones as well.


Establishing their digital presence through branding and digital marketing

We took a bold, stand-out approach in developing Fonus’ branding, incorporating eye-catching colours with visual connotations to travel, to communicate the idea of unlimited travel, data & opportunities with just one sim.

Applying Fonus’ new branding across their website, videos and digital ads helped maximise brand visibility in multiple markets.


A network of connected individuals

Through digital, Fonus is able to continuously reach new customers every single day, offering an innovative and cost efficient approach to roaming and data usage - building upon their growing network of Fonus users.

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