Avo - Reinventing insurance for millennials.


Handling the mismatch of expectations in the insurance market

Insurance is about having security for your future. Born with the advancement of digital insurtech in the Hong Kong market, Avo is here to empower everyone to be future-ready, simply through a click of a button.

Often perceived as a reserved and traditional industry, insurance in the eye of Avo should be instead open and approachable that merges seamlessly into people’s everyday lives. We shared their pioneering vision, and teamed up with the professionals at Avo to flip the way the society viewed at insurance. To further the creative approach, we had to design captivating content that made insurance comprehensible by everyone. Our goal is to craft a millennial-facing brand that aims to twist the perception of traditional insurance, through blending it with day-to-day life.


A vibrant companion that supports your fruitful future

Hinting their youthful and welcoming identity, the name Avo is derived from the super fruit avocado which has conquered the love of many in the recent decade. Avo was chosen to represent how the brand’s services are powerful and protective, just like the nutritional fruit itself and how insurance should be. And Cado, the brand’s mascot, was created to evoke a sense of friendship, becoming everyone’s trusty digital companion for a fruitful life. As an ambassador of Avo, Cado unfolds different facets of the brand and breathes a new life to the normally considered flat and brand-dominant insurance industry.

In order to establish a distinctive brand identity, we built a unique tone-of-voice to communicate with the millennials in an appealing way. We incorporated innovative technology with engaging messaging to penetrate the new target market. Avo speaks like everyone’s best-friend, and educates the audience the complexity of insurance services in a simple yet informative manner. Intentionally staying away from jargon-filled contents, Avo believes professionalism and credibility are built upon clear communications of expectations, and most importantly, mutual trust.

Visual elements are also another crucial pillar in the whole brand development project. Taking inspirations from the root of the brand — avocado, the palette includes the use of vibrant greens and bright yellows, balanced with a dash of neutrals. Complemented with lively and dynamic graphics, the overall visual identity conveys a happy, cheerful and inviting brand character to reach the potential young audience in a personable way.


An essential necessity that enhances the quality of life

Following the completion of the fundamental brand strategy and identity, Avo is welcomed to the market through a user-centric website and a hero brand video. By introducing the lesser-known insurtech to the mass with a creative and light-hearted approach, the brand makes insurance experience easy and enjoyable that echoes with its refreshing brand image.

Allowing anyone to be insured anytime anywhere, with ease and without confusion, Avo represents a new way of insurance.

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