Have you tasted the full power of social media yet?

As you will no doubt have experienced in the last few weeks, the world is upside down right now with everyone everywhere feeling the impact of the ongoing crisis. Maybe it’s because of the scale of this global experience that we are all a part of, but social media has been unleashed showing its full power. Many people in all corners of the globe are creating and sharing amazing content at the speed of light.

In times like these, you see how #powerful a hashtag can be and how a single content piece can be seen by millions of people within minutes. If you think of this moment as a Masterclass in social media marketing, you can learn more than you would attending 100 seminars.

From all kinds of experts, we have seen helpful and informative recommendations on how to protect ourselves, explaining the need for measures on a societal level like social distancing, online courses on how to make your own facemasks, suggestions on how to clean different types of surfaces, and many theories on how this all started – with the expected amount of conspiracy theories, and conspiracy theories suspecting all the other conspiracy theories.

We see many brands experimenting with forms of charity, donation and creativity to survive this terrible Black Swan event. But for the most part, it seems unlocking the full power of social media remains a challenge for most companies.

Brands still struggling to unleash their social media potential

As we see the first signs of recovery with China emerging from its darkest time, the question about what to do when the crisis is over needs to be answered. If you have a small business and you’re managing to survive, what should you be doing next? Apart from regrouping, planning, and building a strategy for mid-2020, take a closer and critical look at the channel that’s proven the most effective during this crisis, social media.

Ask yourself: what can you do with a tool like that?

Digital marketers know very well how to use social media effectively, for good or bad. But SMEs sometimes underestimate the full potential by taking an indifferent approach to social media marketing, simply sharing daily news and spending a few dollars here and there to boost campaigns for a few more views and likes – not aware that many interactions may come from fake accounts, a problem we’ve seen with many of our clients.

The science of getting social media marketing right

Optimising your social media marketing is a science, and you can only expect to see results if you know how to use the right tools, what elements are at play, and how to add up the math to make sense of it all. The same way you take a planned approach towards production, logistics, legal, accounting and staffing, you need to dedicate time and effort to get your social media marketing right.

In your social media toolbox, you need to have things like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Hootsuite, MavSocial, Talkwaker, Socialbakers and many others by a different name. That’s how you track performance, measure results, learn insights, improve your strategy and identify new opportunities early in the game. It’s the only way to gain a competitive edge that puts your brand in a winning position.

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