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You don’t need to be a people-pleaser to attract customers.


Our one-stop creative design solutions will liven up your retail space to keep the crowds coming. By syncing our creative expertise with your business goals, we connect your brand with your customers on an experiential level through meaningful and measurable activations.

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Speak like the locals

Targeting the Golden Week and Chinese New Year, a localisation guideline and a set of marketing collaterals were made to customise the brand to the local preferences, adding a festive touch to the scene with red and golden highlights.

Pop UP Idea

Spice up your retail space

Infusing vibrant doses of animal prints and colours into its pop-up store, we designed an eye-catching physical space with design collaterals and marketing strategies for Roberto Cavalli. Incorporating interactive social media posts and in-store engagement activities, we reintroduced the renowned Italian brand into the Asia market.

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Branding Records, when you need creativity on steroids. Thank you for being who you are, and for the service and support you give to companies. Your commitment is truly an example of how startups evolve and bloom into a magnificent company.

Stefano Passarello, CEO, Kapuhala Wellness Resorts

Working on a few challenges with tight deadlines , Branding Records always deliver outstanding creative and marketing solutions.

Simone Pompilio, Operation Manager, lululemon

The team at Branding Records went far and beyond to understand us, to help us and we felt that they totally understood what we wanted to do. They really invested time and energy in our project and, like any start-up, we appreciate all the support we can get.

Fréderic Guiral de Haas, CEO, Nivose

The creative team understood our brand positioning immediately and were able to transform that into a great customer retail experience. It was so much fun working with them!

Ivan Perra, Senior Director APAC, Wholesale and Travel Retail at Versace

While looking for creative ideas to target Asian consumers, there is only one agency you need: Branding Records, led by Jacopo and his partner Gabriele. Jacopo has spent over 10 years in Asia, he is knowledgeable about local culture and channels across the region and able to design a strategy for each and every market, yet consistent with the global image of the brand. He has versatile talents, working on creative campaigns that match his clients' business strategies.

Esterina Nervino, Retail in Asia Director


How can I drive more traffic to the retail space?

The role of physical retail has changed. Rather than a place for purchases, it’s become a key component in your channel mix to let your customers experience your brand. We develop custom brand experiences that give your audience a reason to enter your retail space, spend more time in it and engage with you beyond the visit. Whether you have a flagship store or a pop-up, we design retail spaces worth interacting with and an O2O strategy that keeps the customers coming while growing your exposure online.

How can I launch my brand in China?

The best answers are found by asking the right questions, and this is a great one. Setting up your business in China can be complex and pricey so you want to make sure that it’s worth it. That’s why we have brand research services which explore your brand’s potential in the market. Find your perfect audience among the 1.4B Chinese, understand which messaging appeals to them and give them the chance to buy your products. Sounds like a reasonable approach? We’d love to tell you more.

Do you help with annual marketing activity planning?

Yes we do, in close collaboration with you. You have a great brand, clear goals for visibility and sales and you know there are countless ways to achieve them. Bring us on board in the early stages of your planning and we will help you structure your activity plan, define the correct messaging for each phase and channel, and set KPIs to measure the impact of your investment. Planning ahead and coordinating all your marketing efforts will save you time and money while optimising your results.