Growing an avocado tree takes years, building a brand doesn’t have to.

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In a forest full of trees, it can be difficult to stand out.


Sometimes a good idea just needs that extra boost to unleash its full potential. With our international expertise and local know-how, our teams of creatives and strategists will guide you through your brand building journey from establishing an identity to leading with a vision that connects with your customers.

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I have a start-up, How should I build my brand?

Brilliant! You have taken an amazing step towards building your idea, that means it’s time to start playing the game and creating the foundation of your brand. We start by learning the objectives of your brand and the business idea behind it. Then we analyse your strategy, positioning and target audience. We will work closely with you at a full-day workshop to define your vision, mission, Brand DNA & values. Together, we will create your brand manifesto, refine your tone of voice and establish your visual style. What about your logo? That will come right after, don’t worry :)

How do I tell the story of my brand?

There are many ways to make your idea matter to your audience, one of the best practices is to create a short, animated video that explains the idea behind your product or service. Videos are easy to watch and grab your customers’ attention. You can use them to promote your business on various channels, including social media and your website.

What are the right components I need for a successful brand?

Planning is crucial – it gives you the ability to capitalise when an opportunity presents itself. If you are not ready for opportunity, you won’t reach your potential customers.Consistency is key - in tone, messaging, design and delivery. Good brands do what they say and deliver on their promises. The level of consistency you offer to your customers can help build trust and strengthen relationships.

How much does it cost to design my brand?

Lots of effort and belief ;)

Designing a brand is a job that requires great collaboration between the creative agency and brand teams, it is almost equivalent to falling in love. We consider ourselves as the “enablers” of your brand, because it all starts with asking the right questions and listening to your answers, goals and even dreams. Ready for your first branding workshop? Contact us for a quotation.

What is your workshop programme about?

In one word, our branding workshops are about YOU. Because only you know your business best and you know which goals you have for your brand. We come on board to help you design the right strategy for your brand, whether that’s building the brand, repositioning it or launching your brand’s next big phase.

With guided interactive sessions we make sure that all your knowledge and aspirations are translated into a solid plan for your brand that will give you clear action points for all your future marketing efforts.

How do I position my brand?

Understanding how to position your company starts with brand research. Needless to say, you should be aware of your competitors to understand the context in which you are launching or re-launching your brand.

More importantly, you need to define your target audience. This is not so much about the demographics - of course your customers need to be within your geographic reach and be able to afford your product or service - but it’s mainly about their goals or aspirations which you can help them achieve.

That’s where your brand can become meaningful and distinguishable in the minds of your consumers (but also for your own employees). Based on this insight, you can develop your brand’s mission and promise, which you will be committed to in everything you do.

Combined with the right messaging, tone of voice and channels, these will be your winning tools to create a human connection with your prospective - soon to be loyal - customers when they experience your brand.

Is having a logo enough to start?

Congratulations! You have gotten a crucial part of branding in the bag. From understanding your brand and its core values, we build an identity with you and match it with your name and logo. We kickstart your brand with a distinct personality and a complete visual design system.