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Luxury furniture brand seeking a new place online in China.




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Visionnaire, a top-notch Italian furniture brand, was trying to find their true voice to present themselves on WeChat and Instagram more accurately, moving away from the purely straightforward and commercial communication style they were using at the time. We established a more distinctive, poetic and elegant identity and tone of voice for Visionnaire, finding a new place in the digital landscape of mainland China.



The existing content on WeChat took a commercial, product-oriented approach, giving detailed descriptions for every furniture item. Although it gained a sizeable audience, the brand lost its essence - sophisticated, artsy and sometimes philosophical. More importantly, the style didn’t show Visionnaire as a meta-luxury brand. We set out to redefine the brand’s direction, strategy and online presentation. With strong foundations in place, the translations of the original Italian texts localised for an English-speaking audience in Asia on Instagram still embodied the true essence of the brand.



Identifying the needs of the brand was the first step. We diagnosed the existing content on Visionnaire’s WeChat service account to get a sense of how the brand spoke. We took the client’s requirements and Decalogue, the brand’s foundation values, into account and finally settled on an identity that was more sophisticated. Making use of elegant imagery and poetic copy, we redefined Visionnaire on WeChat and it started communicating in a more solid and elevated manner. We carried the tone of voice over to Instagram, where captions were translated and simplified to reach an English-speaking audience in Asia.