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New to the market, clear aligner brand Trioclear introduces a three-step programme that is more comfortable and effective than the current orthodontics products on the market. Emphasising their ground-breaking technology, we developed the brand by establishing a name, new visual identity and applying an apt graphic design system to their products to distinguish it from its competitors.



As one of the many orthodontic brands in Hong Kong, our main challenge was to make the brand stand out from their competitors with a strong and fashionable brand image to attract younger and more lifestyle-focused customers. The aim was to make orthodontics a lifestyle, instead of a dental treatment.



Starting with naming, we meticulously selected the word “trio” because the name itself suggests the number three, while it’s also short for “Transformative Regime In Orthodontics”. The diamond visual echoes the same idea, where the three stages in shaping a diamond reflects the three-step aligner system that they’re bringing to the market. As a story-telling tool, we created a lifestyle video to promote and raise awareness for the brand. In order to make it stand out even more, we designed cohesive packaging with fresh colours that are different from other current market brands. Trio is now presented as a new and improved, fashionable and effective clear aligner brand.