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Rossignol Ski Park.

An atmospheric and trendy snow adventure inside a bustling mall.




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Three established skiing brands - Snow 51, Rossignol and Burton joined together with the well-known vodka label Absolute Vodka to bring a modern Ski Park experience to Kerry Centre in Shanghai. The concept space featured an adventurous, family friendly and sleek snow environment to offer an authentic experience of skiing and snowboarding in foreign climates. We developed Rossignol’s section with matching and engaging graphics to be used in the ski displays.



The engagement attraction was held in a tight space within the mall that needed to fit four different brands, so a concise and smart arrangement of the overall style and placement of various displays had to be done meticulously. Working with Rossignol, the concept space had to be family friendly yet still represent the cool lifestyle of the brand, therefore a balance between the two had to be made.



Inspired by ski parks and alps, we chose snow as the main visual element to create a wintry vibe that mimicked the experience of being on the alps. The overall theme was winter adventure, hence the name “Snow Adventure Village”. We designed graphics and elements including escalator stickers, floor stickers and environmental stands that matched the theme and were placed strategically around the entire space to create a fluid user journey where customers were guided around. Tapping into the idea of a family-oriented experience while maintaining the cool lifestyle image of Rossignol, we curated an edgy and stylish design outlook with engagement activities for kids such as photo spots and ski slopes, attracting both adults and children to make it suitable for families.