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We teamed up with a group of passionate experts, to create a reef-safe, cruelty-free scented sunscreen brand that rises above the rest of the market by elevating everyday experiences into something memorable. Inspired by the warmth of the sun and the emotional comfort of memory, Raloha customises a sensory journey for each wearer to discover their own inner depths.



In building this brand, we developed a systematic, narrative-driven approach unique in the sunscreen market. While many brands often emphasise their use of premium or eco-friendly materials and formulas, we built upon this foundation of quality materials by describing the memories created by the product's evocative scents—both real and imagined.



Instead of describing fragrance notes, we immersed ourselves in the scents of the twelve sunscreens, and linked each of them to a place in the world that we recalled. Communicating the essence of that place, we narrate twelve immersive journeys in a refined, poetic and personal way, and named each product with a reference to that particular story. That is how Raloha was conjured—it not only protects your skin, but also unlocks the collective memories that take you past the world you know, and deep into the unknown.