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More than a sanitiser brand, Putto & Wolf is a creative hub for international talents who share a passion for originality and freshness. With a strong will to disrupt the growing sanitiser market, we designed a new creative campaign to create greater engagement with a local audience across multiple social media channels. 



There has been an obvious surge in demand for hygiene products since the beginning of the pandemic. To distinguish themselves in the rapidly expanding market, it is essential for Putto & Wolf to grasp the right communication style to reflect their brand essence. That’s why we tailored a uniquely daring, playful yet elegant visual identity and tone of voice for their presence on social media—separating Putto & Wolf from others in Hong Kong's digital landscape. 



We first analysed the brand's the digital presence to identify the opportunities and needs of the target audience. Merging the artistic, eccentric brand personality with a highly-functional product, we discovered a unique way for Putto & Wolf to communicate their natural, authentic aesthetic—balancing bold visuals with refined content. By highlighting the brand promise with a creative twist, we successfully helped shine a spotlight on Putto & Wolf in a competitive market.