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NIVOSE Five Senses Campaign.

Introducing a lifestyle experience - Mountain Chic.




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Established in 1933 in France’s second largest city Lyon, NIVOSE became a prominent brand with a select clientele by creating “authentic elegance for the true skiers”. Now entering a new age, NIVOSE is bringing Mountain Chic to the world. With the Five Senses Campaign, NIVOSE introduced the new concept to the Chinese market by turning it into a sensory experience.



Originating in the Alps and embedded in the French lifestyle, Mountain Chic was a concept that went beyond literal explanations. The challenge was to invite the audience in China to experience a lifestyle that was new to them, to establish Mountain Chic as the essence of the NIVOSE brand.



To concretise and tell the story of Mountain Chic, we translated it into a sensory experience comprised of visuals and activities that involved the 5 senses - sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. We launched a comprehensive campaign to establish NIVOSE’s presence both online and offline. At the launch event, Multiple-Sense Corners invited visitors to experience Mountain Chic through sensory activities. Smell, for instance, was expressed with olfactory-simulating elements to make guests feel like they were in the Alps. The campaign helped raise brand awareness for NIVOSE and introduced the Mountain Chic concept to a new audience.