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Maserati Women's Day Campaign.

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For International Women’s Day, we developed a global social media campaign for the prestigious Italian luxury vehicle manufacturer, Maserati. We supported the brand by developing a campaign that aimed to empower female drivers and inspire future generations with a key message of courage. In order to do that, we searched for an engaging story that could inspire a large audience worldwide.



Considering the automobile industry as male-centric, celebrating International Women’s Day with Maserati could be quite a challenge. Our goal was to find a story that could empower women and inspire both men and women at the same time - while still resonating with the brand.

“A sense of empowerment for female drivers adds a new layer of meaning to our brand, and helps us develop a deep bond between a female audience and Maserati.”



The backbone of the campaign was based on the empowering story of Maria Teresa de Filippis, the first woman in history to qualify for a Formula One Grand Prix. By using black and white imagery as a consistent design element throughout all social media channels, we created a campaign that was nostalgic and powerful. This story not only connects with the automobile brand directly, but also delivers a strong message of female power that was communicated through catchy and personable copywriting.