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Klasse 14 KBAR.

Advanced retail experience with unique Kolors.




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Inspired by the brand’s philosophy, Ordinarily Unique, Klasse14 came to us with the innovative idea of running KBAR, where in-store services of customisation and hand dyeing of leather straps are offered to customers. Taking the initial idea and executing it with our creative direction, we launched a digital campaign along with a video and social media posts for the elevated retail experience.



One of the key challenges was translating the advanced retail experience for different media channels. The user journey also had to be considered from online to offline, to provide a smooth and customer-friendly experience. Staying true to the brand, the messages had to exude their brand essence while communicating to the customers in an engaging and intriguing way to drive foot traffic to KBAR.



With our profound understanding of the target audience of Klasse14, we decided to utilise social media and videography to optimise the campaign. Taking the fresh and unique concept of KBAR, we translated elements for various social media posts and digital campaigns that exude the brand’s essence. In a few glimpses, we captured the iridescent colours contrasting with the minimalistic background to promote the brand's avant-garde attitude and spirit of staying true to oneself. In order to create a fluid user journey for the O2O experience, we worked on their digital booklet for the customers to see all the colours available before visiting the store, generating interest and engagement.