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Klasse 14.

A social media evolution for a timepiece trendsetter.




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Established in 2014, Klasse14 has quickly garnered attention with their enchanting and unique watch designs. In order to further engage their audience in the APAC region, we managed their content and campaigns on multiple social media channels.



As a young and vibrant brand targeting millennials, Klasse14 had to communicate and engage their audience according to their online habits. We put together a tailor-made strategy that would boost their online presence, connecting the brand with their target audience by hitting the right spot with every post and campaign.



Catering to the rapid speed of social media updates, our strategy was to design a series of snappy yet impactful social media campaigns for their online presence. Taking key elements from their brand aesthetic, we developed various graphics and animations that echo their brand tagline “Ordinarily Unique”, while being eye-catching enough to grab the audience’s attention instantly. With the perfect formula of static posts, IGTV videos, Insta stories, and digital campaigns such as giveaways, we effectively engaged their followers, initiated interaction and further promoted the brand to a wider audience.




Monthly website visits to the Klasse14 website with 50% of the traffic coming from Instagram


E-commerce average conversion rate on Klasse14 website