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An unconventional approach to gynaecological cancer prevention.



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The Karen Leung Foundation (KLF) sought an innovative approach to gain awareness about gynaecological health. Breaking through traditional channels which are often perceived as embarrassing, KLF went with a more subtle way, making use of the illustrative power of the arts to educate the public about preventing gynaecological cancers. The Extraordinary Exhibition was then born, featuring works of local and international artists to promote the cause.



Gynaecological diseases prevention is not an easy topic, especially in Asian communities. People are often ashamed to talk about their bodies and female empowerment is not a very prominent concept among the local audience. Audience may be uninterested if the topic is brought out in a serious manner.



The female body, a powerful being, is often paired with ubiquitous, ordinary objects. In another way round, why can’t we normalise our conversations about the female body? Named ‘The Extraordinary Exhibition’, we speak in an empowering manner, conveying the idea that the female body is ordinary yet extraordinary.

To put across the idea, we developed a set of supporting visuals with the connotation of human body parts. Oyster, banana, and more are featured and captured in a realistic and still life approach, hinting and offering a chance to review our own bodies boldly and straightforwardly. We suggest the audience look beyond the surface, beyond the daily constraints enforced by social norms: not only to chat openly about the seemingly sensitive topics, but also embrace our own body as an act of self-care and self-love.



We took advantage of digital marketing channels to amplify the event, driving traffic to the offline events from online. Across 6 online promotional campaigns, we generated 451,617 impressions and 2,175 link clicks in a month, contributing to more than 174 completed registrations for the Exhibition and Self Care Workshops.

With a cost per conversion under HK$72, we successfully drove traffic for KLF’s Instagram profile, advertised the exhibition and events, recruited volunteers, leading to a positive turnout of the offline happenings.