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A movement for (to-be) athletes combining fitness, nutrition and community.




Service categories:

Logo Design
Brand Identity

Packaging Design
Web Development

Blending health and hip, Kapuhala, a fitness-focused lifestyle brand aims to promote an eco-chic lifestyle that brings positive impacts to the environment and community. As an agency as well as an advocate, we helped spread the idea and gather like-minded individuals by building a website and developing their brand identity.



What does strengthening one’s body and mind have to do with the environment? That was the first question for us and potentially Kapuhala’s audience. Our key challenge was translating this fresh concept into a distinct brand identity and message that could be easily understood without losing its essence, as well as expressing its vision of reciprocating to nature and the local community.



We began with translating the brand’s vision, mission and values into their brand identity, coming up with a set of distinctive brand elements. We then started building Kapuhala’s website from scratch, which set the stage for the social fitness revolution. To amplify the brand’s voice, we pushed forward by introducing a line of organic and sustainable products, which are specially for athletes and made with quality raw food. The packaging design involved a heavy use of earthy colours, green highlights and forestial illustrations, emphasising the back-to-nature experiences offered.