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Medical appointments, insurance papers and prescriptions all add up to a cumbersome experience when managing health. The blockchain-powered Heals app connects numerous clinics in Hong Kong, simplifying the journey from searching for a doctor, making an appointment and keeping medical records for claiming medical insurance. To promote the hassle-free healthcare with Heals, we rebranded Heals from a tech-platform to a reliable digital health companion by revamping its UI and UX.



Before getting started, accurately interpreting how users approached medical history and practice from a consumers’ point of view was necessary to set the direction right. The insights had to be translated into a crystal-clear digital process, building a market presence which aligned with the brand’s new image: reliable, friendly and modern.



Running through an in-depth research of user personas, app breakdown and market analysis, we created a new, appealing visual identity of Heals and brought a sublime app to life which offered a more navigable user interface. Through redefining the app flow and adding clear guiding buttons, we enhanced the overall user experience, which turned out to be smoother and more user-friendly. A new website and video were introduced alongside the visual identity to explain the app mechanism in a simple and straight-forward manner.