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Dufry Lunar New Year Campaign 2020.

Curating a New Year with a local festive vibe.




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Lunar New Year is one of the greatest happenings for the Chinese community. Like many traditions, it’s all about good fortune, which comes with a long list of to-dos and taboos. With our local insights, we developed a set of marketing plans, localisation guidelines and marketing collaterals, celebrating the festival with an authentic local flavour.



Connecting with the brand’s target audience would be the first major challenge. We had to strike a balance between international elements and local taste to localise marketing activities without losing the brand’s essence. Another key challenge was rooted in the nature of the project. As it was a large-scale project influencing several locations, the design process had to be streamlined for effective and efficient adaptation.



Since the project involved multiple regions, smooth communication came first to keep us on the same page throughout the collaboration. We parsed our campaign idea into smaller bits so our client could get the ideas immediately. To separate the brand from the other duty-free retailers and penetrate the market, we invested enormous efforts into studying local culture and accustoming campaign visuals. We ended up with a mascot that echoed the Chinese horoscope as the protagonist, targeting Chinese travellers worldwide. In terms of copywriting, we carefully determined the ratio between Chinese and English copy and overall content strategy for the optimal result.