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Italian cultural roots with influences from the Far East.




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Delvis travelled miles across the sea from Italy to the U.S., later setting foot in China in 2006. With a passion for art and Asian culture, the Italian furniture label infused the Italian know-how and craftsmanship with Asian design narratives, creating its one-of-a-kind philosophy “Mind in Italy”. With social presence becoming essential in the Chinese market, Delvis sought to build its identity on WeChat to promote its new quintessential way of living.



Delvis wasn’t the only one. With the rapid growth of the furniture market in China, many other Italian furniture labels also exploited the opportunities there. In face of stiff competition, we had to find the right content mix that represents the brand while matching the flavour of the local market.



Given the high flexibility, we customised the marketing strategy based on the needs of clients and local preferences. As the competition was keen, we started by looking for the optimal positioning for the brand to really stand out. Apart from emphasising its Italian origin, we took advantage of the enthusiasm of Delvis founder Stefano towards the arts, enriching the storytelling and fortifying the brand image.