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East Asia Super League.

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As the best basketball league in Asia, East Asia Super League aims to raise the level of professional club basketball through the delivery of premium, competitive games and elite development opportunities. In order to do that, they needed a strong brand image that works as a system for showing cohesive materials and advertisements to the public, which include live broadcasts around the world and campaigns for the yearly tournament.



Considering the nature of the brand, we had to create a strong brand image that was also timeless for the organisation, so that they can stay relevant for years to come. We had to design a modern logo that works across languages for an international audience. We also had to create versatile yet cohesive elements that are adaptive for different materials and types of tournaments. Once the basis was set, we implemented catchy and smart campaigns to generate attention for each tournament.



Creating a dynamic brand image that is versatile for all platform and materials, we elevated the organisation’s old image and showed the public what they do in a clear and sharp manner. Followed by various campaigns and events, we provided the brand with strong guidelines on the adaptation of their essential logo, fonts, image and video format for different materials.