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AQ - A Question.

Start change by asking a good question!




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On average, each person spends 116 minutes on social media per day. AQ, world’s first video-based, career-oriented social media platform empowered by blockchain, aims to transform the time spent into time dedicated to self-improvement by connecting learners and experts of different fields, ultimately matching talents and employers more interactively and precisely. Given that cryptocurrency was yet to be widely accepted and fully understood, we created a short introductory video to promote the idea and advised the start-up for a smooth launch.



Since AQ is a community-based app, acquiring and connecting users is the top priority. But how do we attract newcomers? And how do we connect users to empower the learning experience? To find the answers, we had to take a dive deep into user behaviour to figure out the optimal visual identity, user interface and experience. Furthermore, as the first impression of AQ, the introductory video had to be concise and compelling to capture the attention of mobile users with a notoriously short attention span. Therefore, another challenge was to translate an extensive and grand idea into limited video frames, while at the same time stay in line with the brand’s digital planning and user interface.



By looking into the user journey and interaction with the app, we proposed a comprehensive launch plan for AQ with a highlight on user acquisition and community management. We delivered a meticulous user experience spiced up by colourful visual elements, conveying an energetic image to attract more youthful learners and jobseekers. We enlivened the presentation of AQ’s concept with video animation, making it informative yet catchy. The video animation was customised for various social platforms, targeting different groups within strategic segments.