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Asia Financial Holdings.

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With a long history in the financial sector in Hong Kong, Asia Financial Holdings wanted to revamp their image to suit the current times. The new image had to be launched across all platforms while upgrading their corporate identity.



Being an established brand, our key challenge was to elevate their image to attract new customers while keeping it recognisable to their loyal customers. Establishing a brand identity that suits the company is as important as conveying their accountability. Since they also have Asia Insurance, linking it to this brand was also required.



Taking the brand history in mind, we created a new identity that is an elevated version of their current one and applied that to Asia Insurance with a reserved look for consistency. By combining some old elements of their identity with new ones, we highlighted their history through different channels. Lastly, we launched a brand-new website for them for a refreshed look, so that their customers are aware of the change and revamped identity.