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ADIB Emirates Skywards Cards.

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ADIB co-branded with Emirates Airlines to activate a new set of premium credit cards for frequent flyers - ADIB Emirates Skywards Cards, unlocking fast-track benefits to enhance their travel experience. Coupled with the launch of the cards, we created a series of gifts, collateral and card design that will be used throughout the Middle East.



Since it was a co-branding campaign, we had to strike a balance between the two brands. Concerning the strict compliance rules and branding guidelines of both brands, it was quite a challenge to manifest the values of Emirates Airlines and the graphic elements of ADIB while conveying the brands’ essence. The final challenge was to translate the concept into an eye-catching series that was classy and still able to convey the idea of great travelling.



We took inspirations from ADIB’s visual identity, combining polygons - the essential visual element of ADIB with minimal strokes, to highlight the premium status of the cardholders through a minimal, exquisite and elegant expression.