What the B. really stands for


June 3, 2020

When you’re sporting the B., you’re waving the flag of a community that loves meaningful brands, demands outstanding design, and never settles for stories without impact. We are proud of what we produce, and the vision we have for the future of branding is infused in everything we do and the way we approach our work. So, what is that vision?

Welcome to the era of meaningful brands

Branding Records is a creative agency committed to building meaningful brands that last a lifetime. One-day wonders, fads and shooting stars are not our thing. We devote our creativity and strategic thinking to producing meaningful work and experiences that have the power to attract, inspire and activate.

Meaningful brands lead with vision. They tell their story by focusing on why they exist ,not simply what they do. That requires a clearly defined purpose that resonates with the people powering the brand, as well as their audiences. An authentic brand vision is key to building long-lasting relationships with a community that not only believes in a brand, but a community that truly loves a brand. Brands that make customers the heroes of their own stories by helping them achieve their own goals, have the advantage of making real connections.

make customers the heroes of their own stories

Altogether, these are the dynamics we consider when we’re building meaningful brands that have the potential to become superstars. But superstars aren’t made in a day. It takes time, effort, and a discerning eye to discover unknown talents and bring out their full potential, collaborating with established stars to enhance their stage presence.

As a branding agency built on an igniting creative spirit, we bring brands to life by connecting and engaging people with storytelling, curating retail and digital experiences that fuel the genuine and distinctive journeys of every brand. Whether you’re on the starting line or way ahead, we work closely with you. We’re here to turn your concepts into reality.


The principles we live by

More than just words that sound good, our vision for the future of branding is reflected in the principles that guide us.

        1. Relentless commitment

We are committed to strategic foundations for brands that are long-lasting. Our determination and devotion to producing meaningful work, experiences that we’re proud of and campaigns that foster brand growth never waver.

        2. Diverse ideas power creativity

We always listen carefully and make sure we bring diverse points of view to the table, because it’s the tension between different concepts that produces creative ideas.

        3. Trust is key

Trust is the essence of every great brand and establishing a trusting relationship between us and our clients is top priority in our book.

        4. Collaboration on all fronts

Collaboration is like a three-legged race, we tip over if we aren’t in sync. We understand your needs before making a move, so we know we are going towards the same direction, at the same pace.


At Branding Records we share the same values, we respect each other’s differences, ideas, integrity and passion. People around us see us as creators, innovators, visionaries and our values are what will keep it that way.

Join us in shaping the era of meaningful brands.

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