Branding Ahead.


March 31, 2020

We are happy with the chance to give you some of the most precious things in life: IDEAS and TIME. Yes, because IDEAS are more powerful than any weapon and we know the importance of using them properly. And TIME is the most valuable thing a human can spend.

We are in an unprecedented situation and the normal rules no longer apply. Working from home, staying home, staying put - social distancing is difficult but it’s important we all do our part. We cannot resort to the usual tools in these unusual times, but we must keep moving forward and that takes having an action plan for today and a strategy for tomorrow.

That’s where our new initiative comes in, “Branding Ahead” is a FREE consultation & collaboration program. During the 30-day program, our team is dedicated to helping your brand get through these tough times. With a creative and strategic plan, you can stay connected to your customers in a meaningful way and prepare yourself for post-crisis engagement when the time is right.

How does the “Branding Ahead” initiative work?

Creating brand magic doesn’t stop with social distancing. So, we’ll start off with a preliminary call on Zoom to better understand your current situation and the challenges you are facing. Our initial questions include:

1. How is your company coping with the current outbreak?

2. Are there any specific solutions you are already working on? (recovery plan)

3. How are you dealing with customers’ new needs and daily habits?

4. What are the marketing channels and activities that you think could be leveraged more effectively?

5. Which countries do you want to target?

6. Other…

After this virtual consultation we will provide a specific plan for your case together with a timeline and delivery schedule.

What are we delivering?

IDEAS obviously. After the first brainstorm, we will assign the case to our creative team that includes a CREATIVE DIRECTOR, SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER, CREATIVE STRATEGIST, COPYWRITER & DESIGNERS.

Together we will formulate the first presentation with preliminary ideas to discuss, including creative, content and mood boards. And a social media strategy or online/offline activation plan will be included if applicable.

What won’t be included in the initiative?

Production, technical drawing or any specific design.

You maintain the full rights to any of the content and ideas we deliver, and you are free to develop them within your own means. We will take confidentiality very seriously, but if you wish to share our name with any of your connections we would greatly appreciate it.

If you prefer us to engage in the full production and turn the ideas in to reality, we will charge for those services accordingly.

What are the benefits of the “Branding Ahead” initiative?

- Over the course of 30 days, you receive free consultations and brainstorming sessions from a digital branding agency with over 7 years’ experience working with over 200 clients including large, medium and start-up companies worldwide

- You get a team of over 5 people dedicated to your case with different skills and many years’ experience in the creative marketing industry.

- The solutions are completely free of charge and you’ll be the sole proprietor of it, no extra commitment.


How many hours a day can I depend on your service?

We assign a maximum of 9 hours total a week for each brand that takes part in the initiative. This includes Zoom calls where we can exchange ideas, brainstorm and discuss any amendments that need to be made to the proposed solutions.

What are the service areas we work on?

Here is a quick list:

- Strategy

- Brand positioning

- Brand identity

- Planning

- Creative ideas and concept

- Advertising campaign

- Content

- Social media and digital marketing

- Ecommerce solutions

- Retail activation and O2O engagement

“Branding Ahead” initiative duration

The moment we engage together, our team is dedicated to your case over the course of 30 days. Any services outside the scope of the initiative will require us to establish a formal contract of collaboration.

Are you ready to quaran-team with us?

registration at:

*this program is designed to help companies/brands during the Covid-19 outbreak and overcome the challenges it presents. Due to the manpower and time restraints, registration is on a first come, first served basis and Branding Records reserves the right to reject the applications in case of any possible conflicts of interests.

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